5° Gran Fondo Dnipro Race

The 5th version of the Gran Fondo Dnipro Race will be held two qualifying competitions for the World Championship (UCI Gran Fondo World Championship 2021).

UCI Chrono Dnipro (ITT) — 19.06.2021
UCI Gran Fondo Dnipro Race- 20.06.2021

These two competitions are the only qualifying competitions of Ukraine included in the World Series (UCI Gran Fondo World Series),which give opportunity for first 20% of amateur and Masters (determined by the number of starters), qualify and take part, presented your country in the fight for the champion title on the World Championship 2021.

Qualifying distance in the UCI Gran Fondo Dnipro Race for women and men over 60 years- is Medio- 85 km, for men between 19 and 59- is Gran Fondo- 155km.

Qualifying distance for all competitors of individual race UCI Chrono Dnipro- is 20 km.

The license for participate in Gran Fondo Dnipro Race 2021 isn’t need, but when competitions will be held, the minimal age of competitors should be 19 years as of December 31.

Amateur cyclists (women and men) will qualify and compete for the t-short of the winner of the World Series stage in 8 age groups:

At the UCI Gran Fondo World Championships, all riders must hold a current ‘Full Racing License’ from their National governing body.

For more information about the UCI Gran Fondo World Series, visit www.ucigranfondoworldseries.com.

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