Quick Cycling Team participates in GF Dnipro Race 2019

Март 25th, 2019, Категории cycling teams, news

The cycling team Quick Cycling Team in 2019 will be represented at the GF Dnipro Race by 5 participants.
Members of the Quick Cycling Team are 11 cyclists in the Masters category licensed under UCI who compete in road bicycle races and MTB races.

  • Ruslan Savchuk,
  • Vlad Ermak,
  • Konstantin Malikov,
  • Roman Zawada,
  • Vitaly Zhuravlev,
  • Alexander Tuzovsky,
  • Albert Erenkov,
  • Vasily Naboka,
  • Anastasia Ishman,
  • Alena Litvishchenko,
  • Andrey Kozachenko

Starting in 2014 they have been participating in all possible competitions, from local races to Ukrainian Championships, winning lots of prizes. .
In 2018 a team took 41 first places, 40 second places and 29 third places on 39 championships and competitions in all over Ukraine.
Team sponsors: TELEMART, MSI, AMD, HyperX.

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