About Foundation

Only through joint efforts can we pave the way for the physical emotional and social development. Every year every second Ukrainian citizen donates money on charity. «Charitable Dnepr Cycling Foundation» unites like minds whose aim is to promote a healthy lifestyle through cycling. Under paragraph 2.2 of the Fund Dnipro Cycling statute our fund was established to: — develop and spread cycling, physical education and healthy lifestyle; — unite fans of bicycles as a tool for health improvement and leisure activities; — promote family, sport and public cycling; — promote environmentally friendly means of urban mobility; — protect the interests of cyclists; — organize and conduct competitions, cycle races, championships, parades, and physical-culture mass events; — maintain contact and collaboration with other sport and physical-culture organizations; — help individual athletes, teams, clubs, organizations including legal or natural persons, federations; — open new cycling clubs and teams on the basis of the fund and separately of it; — sponsor sports events

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Got help at a traffic accident



Donated to 25 Ukrainians


The income of the Fund: 64927,21 EUR (as of 28.02.2021)

Expenses of the Fund: 64263,24 EUR (as of 28.02.2021)


Balura. E, Osipchuk. A, Fedorova. E, Sirchenko. S, Kovalevskaya. E, Bliznyuk. O, Dubinets. T, Kuzmenko. A, Lutsishin. B, Shivikov. E, Bruchanov. A, Mityanin. I

Our team

Sergey Shkarubsky (Race Director)

Viktor Fedorov (Fund Chairman)

Alexander Baranov (Distance Director)