Cycling club

Dnepr Cycling Club is for everyone who likes bicycles!!!

Our project is aimed at cycling newbies and just active people who want to really enjoy and to have health benefits from cycling. We gathered convinced professional coaches, ex-sportsmen and the real fans of cycling.

The will help you to sit on a bike correctly they will teach you how to safely cycle in the city and out of town, they will teach you to distribute the load during individual and team race.

Advanced cyclists will find out lots of secrets of tactics in road bicycle racing.

Dnepr Cycling Club locates in a place of our partner bicycle shop «Velik&Rolik» at the address B. Khmelnitsky 5 ave, Dnipro. Call us 068) 437-16-46, 050) 133-38-71

Project team


IGOR MITYANIN         Project Manager

MAXIM KOTOV           Project Assistant