«Sunday Race» — let’s train together

The goal of Dnepr Cycling Club group training is to unite and train cycling amateurs of Dnipro.
Group Sunday training Sunday Race teaches how to cycle side by side in pairs, how to cycle through and off, and shows basic elements of team time trials.
We are creating the conditions for newbies to experience different stages of training processes and shifting from individual time trial to the team time trial.
Group training takes place every Thurthday and Sunday (Sunday Race).
During the Sunday Race all participants should follow traffic rules and respect their collegues and other road users.
Sunday Race teaches to ride side by side in pairs swapping to the right.
Cyclists who can’t ride side by side will be taught at the end of the group. The group competition in individual trial and team trial on different distances (Sparring) will be performed during the cycling race season.
Sparring is a race imitation for more advanced and trained cyclists.
Dnepr Cycling Club page posts different variants of Sparring every week in STRAVA.
Dnepr Masters team members if they are also the members of Dnepr Cycling Club always present at a group training.
Meeting time — 7:50 AM
Meeting place: corner of Shinnaya street and Zaporizhia Highway (location 48.418874, 35.022550) Departure — 8:00 AM