How can I get to the “Race Village” from the Central Bus/Train Station?

  1. TAXI (you can call either 729, or 366-366)
  2. Public shuttle bus № 136 (ride from Downtown up to the End stop)
  3. Public shuttle bus № 33; 32 (Central Train Station – Mirny Village)

What is the distance between Downtown and the “Race Village”?

  1. Race Village — Central Train Station – 12km/7.4mi
  2. Race Village — Dnipro Airport – 5km/3.1mi
  3. Race Village – Downtown – 10km/6.2mi

Will there be any snacks or water at “Race Village” when I finish the race?


When and where can find a start list for the race?

The start list is published 5 days prior the start of the race at https://gfdniprorace.com/.


Where can I leave my stuff during the race?

The equipment can be stored in a locker at “Race Village”.

Can I get my food on demand from the roadside during the race?

No. The food can be only supplied at fixed points on route (buffets).

Are there any food spots on route during the race?


What if I lag behind or leave the race?

The race participants who got separated from the main group and were overtaken by the “Race End” car are obliged to keep to the right lane (side) of the road and observing the road regulations.

Is there any medical/police support?

Yes. Medical/Police patrol will be following along the route of the race.

Can the other person (friend, neighbor, relative) receive the Entry Package on my behalf?

Yes, presenting the ID of the registered race participant

When the results will be published?

The provisional results of the ongoing race will be available at Race Village.

The final results will be published in the official website https://gfdniprorace.com/ in 24h after the end of the competition

When will be the Award Ceremony?

The awards time is mentioned in the cycling race Program.

Can I change the Race distance?

No. Once the distance is chosen the participant is not supposed to make any changes.

Can I endorse/transfer my registration to the other person/participant?

A paid registration cannot be canceled or used under different name.

Can I get an Entry Package on the day of the Event?

Yes. Delivering of Entry Packages takes place on June 19th, 20th, 21st, 2020.

How and where can I get an Entry Package?

Delivering of Entry Packages takes place on June 19th, 20th, 21st, 2020.

Please refer to the Race Program for the time and place of the event.

The race participant is considered registered only if the entry fee is paid and the registrant managed to timely and properly register.

Can I register on the day of the Event?

No. Any registration requests on the date when the Race starts will not be accepted.

Should I submit the payment confirmation in order to receive an entry package?


What document is accepted to confirm the age category?

ID/Passport only.

How can I pay for the Championship 2020?

The entry fee is to be made via waforpay.com  online-payment platform that is providing an innovative and secure payment card authorization.

How 20% of amateur attendants for the World Championship 2020 are determined?

UCI Chrono Championship:

The 20% of the total qualifying competitors are determined according to the results defined by the qualification board of judges and the Timing Events Company.

UCI Gran Fondo Championship:

The first 20% of the total qualifying competitors for each category will qualify for the World Gran Fondo Championship 2020.

How to register?

Pre-registration is only possible online at https://reg.gfdniprorace.com/ and entry fee is required. Select “Race” from the main menu and choose “Registration” in the drop down menu.