TeleMart Cycling Team

Март 28th, 2017, Категории cycling teams, news

TeleMart Cycling Team — is an amateur cycling team that was created in 2015 by the group of sportsmen under the patronage of a web store (household equipment and digital electronics). The team Title sponsor is the world-famous computer concern MSI.
A team consists of 6 people who have achievments in different sports such as cycling, swimming, combat sports, etc. As of today team competes in road bicycle racing, individual time trials, criterium, cross-country racing, triathlon, etc. in the MASTERS category. Each team member has his personal cycling specialization. All team members are licensed by the Ukrainian Cycling Federation under the Union Cycliste Internationale and are placed on a register in generic medical sports institutions. The main aim of creating this team was uniting of sportsmen amateurs to support each other and to adhere to the team strategy to increase results at cycling national competitions, and promotion of sport and healthy lifestyle to the youth.
The team members: Ruslan Savchuk (Kamenskoe), Yermak Vladislav (Kamenskoe), Roman Zavada (Kiev), Alexander Tuzovsky (Dnipro), Vitaly Zhuravlev (Dnipro), Konstantin Malikov (Dnipro).

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